1 thing you should know about fantag

is that...........................................

You have to PAY for a membership! (to get most of the good stuff!)

Meaning you need a credit card to pay! But wait!

The doctor is in the house! I have a few websites that will get you a membership fast! You should buy an Ultimate Game Card! You get membership for 50 days with a $10 game card! And $20 gives you 100 days!

Ready? Here's a list:






6. (I think i spelt the name wrong)

Here's how the sites work:

1 Sign Up

2. Verify your account!

3. Start completing "offers"

What are offers? Their stuff like completing surveys, doing mini-tasks and all that!

4. Once you have enough points you go to the rewards place, place an order for an ultimate game card or something, wait about 1-3 days (or about a week)

5. When they e-mail the code enter it in when you pay for your membership and VOLIA!

You have a membership!

I would reconmend you use Rewards1 or PrizeRebel!

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